Sunday, November 13 at CFBC- “A Zealous Pursuit of Consistent Holiness of Life”

CFBC has Five Pillars…

  • An All-Encompassing Passion for the Glory of God
  • The Expository Preaching of the Word of God
  • The Zealous Pursuit of Consistent Holiness of Life
  • The Continuous Evangelizing of the Local Community
  • The Global Vision to Proclaim the Gospel to the Nations

Join us this week at the Marriott Maryville Centre off of 40/64 as we exalt the name of our Triune, Holy God and examine what the Scriptures say about the impact of a high view of God on our personal lives and our life as a body of believers.


Sunday, October 23 at CFBC… “Back to Basics”- Part 4

Well, we got a little behind in updating the CFBC Blog…and we are catching up! Thanks for your patience…the CFBC Blogmeister is most appreciative!

Last week, we addressed the Breaking of Bread, with a particular focus on what we believe the Bible teaches (and does not teach) regarding the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper.

This week we are focusing on the fourth aspect of the early Church in Acts 2:41-47…the all important dimension of prayer!

Luke tells us in Acts 1:14 that the early Church devoted itself to prayer, and that all-important dimension of church life is once again emphasized  in Acts 2:41-47.

Please join us this Sunday at the Marriott Maryville Centre at 9:30 for worship of our gracious, sovereign and majestic Lord and Saviour!



Sunday, October 9 at CFBC… “Back to Basics Part II- Focus on Fellowship”

Last, week, we turned to Acts 2:41-47 for an overview of essential dynamics of the early church, with a particular emphasis on continuing in the Apostles’ teaching. This week at CFBC, we’ll be looking once more at this wonderful passage, with a particular focus on fellowship.

If you’ve wondered what “a Pentecostal perspective” on fellowship looks like, join us for our service this weekend at the Marriott Maryville Centre at 9:30. Just to give you a hint…look at Leviticus 23:15-22, Deuteronomy 16:9-12 and Acts 2:43-47.

Sunday, October 2 at CFBC… “Back to Basics”

This week, as we gather to worship, we’ll be looking at Acts 2:41-47. The message is entitled “Back to Basics”.

It’s easy to lose focus of what church is all about when we succumb to cultural pressures and definitions.

Sometimes it’s very constructive, albeit challenging, to re-examine the Scriptures to answer the question “What’s church all about?”.

We often hear the expression “Where do you go to church?” That’s a great question as long as we understand that the church is not an address. It’s an assembly of saved sinners gathered in the name of their Saviour.

What’s the pattern for church? What’s important? What’s not?

Come and join us this week as we gather at the Marriott Maryville Centre to worship the Lord Jesus Christ and spend time in the Scriptures. We meet at 9:30.

Sunday, September 25 at CFBC

We are continuing our series “The Master’s Plan for the Church” as we focus on passages of Scripture vital to the health of the local church and its mission.

We’ve been in Matthew 18 for a few weeks now, and last week Pastor Geoff covered Matthew 18:15-20…”Church discipline…what to do when a fellow believer sins”.

This week, we are looking at Matthew 18:21-35, with a sermon titled “Keeping peace with other children…How many times shall I forgive my brother?”

We’d be delighted to have you visit! We meet at the Marriott Maryville Centre each Sunday morning at 9:30.

Sunday, September 18 at CFBC

The weekend is quickly approaching that I’ve been awaiting for quite some time. I’m eager to return and be with the people of CFBC. I will preach from Matthew 18:15-20 and we will have a good time in God’s Word together.

If you want to join us at Queeny Park Saturday night, Sept 17th from 4-6pm for a game of ultimate frisbee & a bible study you are most welcome to come. Email me if you have questions.


Pastor Geoff

“Faith Like a Child” and What’s on the schedule for CFBC?

Christ Fellowship Bible Church meets each Sunday morning at 9:30. We meet at the Marriott Maryville Centre (off of Hwy 40 in West County).

On Sunday September 4 and 11 we looked at Matthew 18:1-14, with a focus on “The Faith of a Child…Parts 1 and 2”.

Pastor Geoff will be preached Sunday September 18 on Matthew 18:15-20…”Church discipline…what to do when a believe sins”.

You can read about Pastor Geoff and his family by referring to the “Our Pastor” page on this blog. Please take a moment and read about Pastor Geoff to become more familiar with him and his family.

We hope you will visit us if you are looking for a church home.